The INNCYBER Innovation AWARD®


The projects to be developed should focus on strategic areas of Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Cyber defense, Cyber resilience and Internet of Things (IoT), namely:

  1. Security and vulnerabilities in the 5G World;

  2. New technologies applied to Identity Access Management: multi-factor authentication, user behavior monitoring, biometrics tools, encryption, tokenization and micro-segmentation

  3. Artificial Intelligence applied to cybersecurity: RPA and Machine Learning

  4. Blockchain

  5. Scenario Simulation for cyber effective response training (i.e. cyber ranges), including extreme scenarios such as zero-days, DDoS, crash in data centers, etc.

  6. Multichannel digital platforms: cybersecurity challenges

  7. Cyber ​​Hygiene and GDPR: Training program for the dissemination of good practices among users;

  8. Critical Infrastructures protection

  9. Microeconomics applied to cybersecurity

  10. Digital transformation and IoT related to customer service, processes and operations

  11. Cybersecurity ratings

  12. Smart cities and cybersecurity

  13. Cybersecurity and mobility

  14.  Education plan on a web platform on how to reduce cyber risk aimed at children and young people considering the online classes new regime.

  15. Marketing / Communication plan for cybersecurity awareness

  16. Plan for promoting culture and training citizens in cybersecurity

  17. Marketing / Communication plan addressed to organizations and citizens to mitigate the impact of “phishing” campaigns under cover of official entities for the capture of personal data on the sequence of COVID-19 crises or other pandemic crises

  18. Marketing / Communication plan addressed to organizations and citizens to mitigate the impact on “crowdsourcing” initiatives to collect donations for fake campaigns to buy medical equipment for COVID-19 or other pandemic crises

  19. Marketing / Communication plan addressed to organizations and citizens to mitigate the impact of fake digital information platforms in real time of the evolution of COVID-19 aimed at device infection or other pandemic crises

  20. Literacy/training plan on web platform about how to be cyber secure while working from home.

  21. Development of a financial model for the evaluation of the implementation of cybersecurity projects/measures in the organizations, including main assumptions and key indicators (NPV, IRR, Payback period)

  22. Development of models/cases for cost-benefit analyses of IT security investments for firms.

  23. Literacy/training plan for human resources at organizations to understand cybersecurity risks and implementation of best practices

  24. Support plan for mitigating cybersecurity risks within the scope of the partnership between Altice and the Portuguese Red Cross in the fight against Covid 19


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Participating Universities


Testimony by professor José Manuel Redondo from the University of Ovied (Spain) about the importance of participating in the Inncyber Innovation Award

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