Jury panel 

2019 /2020

  • Electrical and computer engineering in Naval Postgraduate School of Monterey, California;

  • Director of the National Security Office, which includes, in its structure, the National Cybersecurity Center;

  • CIO in the Navy in 2009;

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining software for Portuguese Navy frigate combat systems and for modernizing and automating radio stations;

  • Portugal's representative with NATO bodies that are responsible for information and communication technologies.

Contra-Almirante António Gameiro Marques

CAlm Gameiro Marques.jpg
  • Portuguese Air Force Logistics Commander;

  • Previous Deputy Director of the National Defense Resources Directorate at the MoD;

  • National representative in NATO Logistics Committee, in NATO Resource Policy and Planning Board and in the LongTerm Review of the European Defense Agency. (2018/2019).

Tenente-General João Cartaxo Alves

TGen Cartaxo Alves.jpg
  • Chief Security Officer and CISO, Altice Portugal

  • Worldwide coordinator of the CyberWatch; Program at the Altice Group;

  • Member of European Cybercrime Center (EC3) Advisory Group on Communication Providers at EUROPOL;

  • Over 15 years of experience in the application of advanced software technology to cyber intelligence and cybersecurity.

Eng. José Alegria 

José Alegria.jpg
  • Senior consultant at Altice Labs;

  • Wide experience on new generation networks and services;

  • Working in the open innovation ENTER programme, that may complement or enhance the Altice Group product and service portfolio.

Eng. Nuno Silva 

  • Director for Information Security and IT Risk department at EDP.

Eng. Paulo Moniz

Paulo Moniz.jpg
  • Director at PremiValor Consulting;

  • Cybersecurity and infosec area.

 Ricardo Figueiredo

Ricardo Figueiredo.jpg
  • Head of Cyber Security at Innowave Technologies;

  • Development Director at EAST (European Association for Secure Transactions);

  • Chairs the EAST Payment Task Force;

  • Member of the EC3 Advisory Group at Europol.

Eng. Rui Carvalho

Rui Carvalho.jpg
  • Advisor for the Defence Resources Directorate of the Ministry of Defence;

  • Project Manager of the NATO Smart Defence; Project “Multinational Cyber Defence Education and Training (MN CD E&T)”;

  • National Co-Leader at the EU Military Training Group - Cyber Defence Discipline;

  • 2nd Commander of the Army Signals Regiment.


Salomão Carvalho

TCor Salomão Carvalho.jpg