The INNCYBER Innovation AWARD®

Second edition 


Final Project Synthesis





Access to an integrated Ecosystem of Innovation

Students Category



Winning group

5,000 EUR

(gross amount)

Coordinator professors/researchers of the winning project

2.500 euros

(gross amount)

Doctorates and researcher’s category



Winning project

Prize of an amount equivalent to

7,500 EUR

Topics of the projects


The projects to be developed should focus on strategic areas of digital transformation, cybersecurity and cyberdefense, namely:

1. Security and vulnerabilities in the 5G World;

2. Internet of Things (IoT);

3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applied to cybersecurity;

4. Cloud security;

5. New strategies to address social engineering attacks;

6. Ethics & Human Element of Cybersecurity: bridging the gap between machines usage in cybersecurity and the human decision-maker;

7. Cyber ​​Hygiene and GDPR: Training program for the dissemination of good practices among users

8. Microeconomics applied to cybersecurity.



Students category 

 Projects developed by Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Master students from national and international Universities and Institutes

Doctorates and researcher’s category

 Projects developed by doctorates, doctorate students or researchers



Registration deadline:  December 23rd, 2020

Submit the follow-up questionnaire by:  January 5th,  2021

Deadline for project delivery: February 26th , 2021

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