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CSIRT-E | Cybersecurity Incident Response Team Executive

Access to an experienced senior executive team dedicated to providing expert support and guidance to decision-makers in navigating cybersecurity incidents effectively

This is a group of senior experts with extensive professional experience associated with the INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB, capable of supporting/advising Boards (Boards of Directors, Supervisory Boards, Fiscal Boards, and Top Management) of organizations typically in the area of Critical Infrastructures and Essential Services in critical situations such as a cyberattack.


In many cases, organizational Boards struggle to determine the best response/options to follow in the event of a cyberattack.

The members of the CSIRT-Executive linked to the INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB are independent of manufacturers/service providers, thus the support/advice they can provide to organizational Boards is offered from a perspective of complete independence and agnosticism regarding suppliers and/or technologies, focusing on pinpointing the most effective options to mitigate the impact of a cyberattack that may occur or has occurred.

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