is an ACCELERATOR for fostering innovation on cybersecurity involving Universities, Research Centers, Armed Forces, Security Forces and Reference Companies/Organizations in security industry in an

integrated ecosystem.

  •        The INNCYBER INNOVATION HUB is also a platform for Business Development, selling services and solutions in the cybersecurity area (in addition to other technology-based areas) to client organizations in sectors such as health, banking and insurance, critical infrastructures, transports, etc. benefiting from the complementary value added solutions of the different partners that are part of INNCYBER and also the experience and presence of PremiValor Consulting team in reference client companies on the above mentioned sectors and others dealing with areas such as Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Strategy and Risk Planning typically at board / decision making level.


  • To set up a bottom up knowledge and technology transfer process in cooperation with leading universities, research centers, armed forces, security forces and reference organizations/companies.

  • To incorporate state of the art academic research into organizations and achieve competitive advantage and better cyber attacks protection through innovation (open innovation approach).

Areas of Focus:

  • Digital Transformation and Internet of Things (IoT);

  • Cybersecurity, cyberdefense and Cyber Resilience.

Some research topics may include:

  • Security and vulnerabilities in the 5G World;

  • Internet of Things (IoT);

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applied to cybersecurity;

  • Cloud Security;

  • Security by design (SbD);

  • Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity;

  • New strategies to address social engineering attacks;

  • Ethics & Human Element of Cybersecurity – bridging the gap between machines usage in cybersecurity and the human decision-maker;

  • Cyber Hygiene and GDPR: Training program for the dissemination of good practices among users;

  • Microeconomics applied to cybersecurity;

  • Quantum computing and security;

  • Development of an app for INNCYBER Innovation HUB;

  • Business plan for the internationalization of INNCYBER Innovation HUB;

  • Empowerment of the Open Innovation platform in scope of INNCYBER Innovation HUB;

  • INNCYBER Innovation HUB: improving hub facilities and attracting talent;

  • INNCYBER Innovation HUB: strategic plan for building an integrated network of Innovation Hubs;

  • INNCYBER Innovation HUB: innovative business models for the sharing economy;

  • Marketing plan to promote cybersecurity literacy in the general population or in a specific population group (senior population, less educated population, youngsters and children…);

  • Marketing campaigns (e.g. mailing) and social engineering: the impact of phishing;

  • Communication plan for secure teleworking;

  • Social networks and digital security;

  • Security-by-design in digital marketing;

  • Innovative business models for the sharing economy in the digital transformation, cybersecurity and IoT areas;

  • Communication plan for improving cooperation, information exchange, incident response and trust building among CSIRTs;

  • Business plan for the internationalization of INNCYBER – Digital Transformation, Cyber & IoT HUB;

  • Products/services to be developed in the scope of INNCYBER – Digital Transformation, Cyber & IoT HUB;

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