is an ACCELERATOR for fostering innovation on cybersecurity involving Universities, Research Centers, Armed Forces, Security Forces and Reference Companies/Organizations in security industry in an integrated ecosystem.


  • To set up a bottom up knowledge and technology transfer process in cooperation with leading universities, research centers, armed forces, security forces and reference organizations/companies.

  • To incorporate state of the art academic research into organizations and achieve competitive advantage and better cyber attacks protection through innovation (open innovation approach).

Areas of Focus:

  • Digital Transformation and Internet of Things (IoT);

  • Cybersecurity, cyberdefense and Cyber Resilience.

Some research topics may include:

  • Security and vulnerabilities in the 5G World;

  • Digital transformation and IoT related to customer service, processes and operations;

  • New technologies applied to Identity Access Management: multi-factor authentication, user behavior monitoring, biometrics tools, encryption, tokenization and micro-segmentation;

  • A.I applied to cybersecurity: RPA and Machine Learning;


  • Scenario Simulation for cyber effective response training (i.e. cyber ranges), including extreme scenarios such as zero-days, DDoS, crash in data centers, etc.


  • Multichannel digital platforms: cybersecurity challenges;


  • Cyber ​​Hygiene and GDPR: Training program for the dissemination of good practices among users;


  • Critical Infrastructures protection;


  • Microeconomics applied to cybersecurity;


  • Cybersecurity Ratings.
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